Lineage 2: Revolution for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: Netmarble
Latest Version: 1.12.14 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.4+
Age: 12+
Size: 94.96 Mb
Lineage II Revolution - The toy is a reincarnation of the famous MMORPG version adapted for mobile devices.

Game Story

The application is developed based on the popular game Lineage II and is fully optimized for any mobile devices and different Operating Systems. A large number of beloved characters also remained here: elves, people, gnomes. However, the orcs are not yet available in the new universe. You can choose any class (mage, killer, warrior), but the character's professions are strictly related to certain races. It is very joyful to watch the game at company locations and was pleasantly surprised by the presence of the already familiar clan system.

A version that supports only Korean is available for download. So, if you want to enjoy the famous atmosphere right now, then you should have a lot of patience to fully understand all the nuances of the game. Any resident of any country speaking any other language can download the application. Also, you can easily register and enter the game world. By the way: Russian communities are based on the spaces of the 5th server.

The main feature of the game can be called PvP-battles. According to the developers, they can hold up to 1600 players at the same time. It is not yet known how this function will work on mobile devices, because the appropriate political situation on the servers has not yet developed.

The application interface is almost no different from similar projects. The only difference is the icons. Initially, the game may seem a bit boring and monotonous, since the first tasks will be held almost completely automatically. However, the most persistent will be able to subsequently evaluate the beauty and distinctive features of the application: PvP, clan wars, PCs and the presence of faithful companions.

Sound, graphics

All details are very important characteristics for this project. The atmosphere of your favorite game is perfectly conveyed and makes you plunge into a long-familiar world. This applies not only to characters, battlefields and weapons, but also to the sound that everyone is used to hearing. It is transmitted with high accuracy. All the music was also completely transferred from the original game, which makes it even more cult. But language greatly impairs perception. The English version would have made life easier for everyone.


The application turned out to be pretty good. The game deserves the attention of both oldies, in this world, and new users. It remains only to hope that everything will not go to ashes and donat will not be introduced.
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