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Zombiewood is an exciting mobile application for Android in the action genre, in which the simplest actor will have to fight with real zombies. And it is you who will be this actor. It all started well, the actor was proving his skills at the site and at that moment zombies attacked the city. But, the actor was too passionate about the process, so he does not pay attention to the attack of the zombie and continues his acting work. Now the hero has crossbows and turrets, a shotgun and several new costumes. Moreover, everyone knows that Hollywood is not rubber, so you have a difficult task - with the help of various weapons and improvised means to explain to the persistent zombies that they don’t belong here. The toy is an interesting and exciting action shooter, where the main plot is to protect the studio from zombies. The funny thing is that a small group of young directors is going to use this situation for personal gain, they are shooting interesting material while the actor is trying to protect them.

You will play for a student, and part-time and actor. It is you who will become the main character in this confrontation. The gameplay is uncomplicated - it is necessary to get the brains out of dangerous and bloodthirsty zombies in the most elegant way. Zombiewood has 10 different modes and 20 episodes. The game features not only firearms, there are also cold arms. In the game, everything is as realistic as possible, you can destroy any structure. At your disposal will be more than thirty types of firearms, kill zombies in a variety of ways. The player will need to roast, shoot, scald extras; constantly wear ridiculous and strange costumes and destroy a huge number of zombies. The developers have stated that they will continue to work on the toy, will release updates with new episodes, non-stopping action and lots of blood. Zombiewood is a game about a zombie apocalypse, which has an interesting gameplay, excellent action and good directorial humor.

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