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Latest Version: 1.2.1 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
Jedi Academy Touch is a game for mobile phones and tablets on Android, in which each player can watch the formation of the Jedi. The developers have done a great job and tried to fit into this toy a good, thoughtful plot and a lot of detailed battles.

From the very beginning, the player must create his own character, and in fact about him will be told later. Immediately after this, you go to a special planet, where real Jedi are prepared. But, the transport aircraft could not fly to the place of designation, they were attacked. Now you need to get to the temple, relying only on their own strength. Already, we can note one feature of the Jedi Academy Touch - this is a full-fledged game, or rather, it is the same game as for personal computers, only transferred to the phone from Android. The most important thing is that the story has been fully preserved, there are also videos from the original.

It should be noted that the game is completely Russified, everyone here translated into Russian, they also worked out musical accompaniment. Almost immediately, each player can try to use a laser sword, shit everything that just does not lie. The toy has a little strange control and from the very beginning it will be a little difficult and unusual, but very soon you will get used to it and will be able to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. If you like the original of this game, then you will appreciate this version for mobile phone.

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