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Developer: EGLS Co, Ltd.
Latest Version: 6.00.06 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Armed Heroes: Armed Heroes is a great game for action lovers. It will allow gamers to plunge into the world of bright adventures at any convenient time. A feature of the game is the ability to find friends, as the developers have given the players the right to chat.

Armed Heroes characteristics are similar to companies, that is, gamers will have to perform interesting tasks. Most of which will have to protect human settlements, and even the whole of humanity from the encroachments of all sorts of monsters with different sizes, shapes, and capabilities. Although many players find its commonality with ancient Greece, but to be precise, the setting is developed in the popular fantasy-style. Therefore, events in Armed Heroes unfold in numerous bright and eye-catching locations.

An important feature of the presented game is the ability to fight with a virtual opponent or with other gamers and characters created by them. Your warrior will have to choose each participant, this is done when you first enter Armed Heroes. The most important feature of the characters is their division into classes, these include:

  • knight - representing a valiant warrior armed with a sword;
  • a barbarian is another kind of knight whose main characteristic is ferocity;
  • a necromancer is a warrior from the underworld , and able to lead the dead;
  • archer - its main feature is the deft handling of a bow, with which it can accurately hit rivals;
  • killer - uh from the character has excellent skills for the deprivation of life, so he is not less dangerous than other units.

The gamer must be approached responsibly, since everything they have different capabilities, characteristics and you need to choose the most suitable. Because only in this case, the player will be able to get the most satisfaction from the game and show the best results. And much depends on them, including the possibility of the development of the chosen hero.

You should know that all the characters have equal dexterity, strength and intelligence, in addition, they are able to control other units.

Important advantages of Armed Heroes are excellent music and sound. Developers have tried to create effects, they are dizzying and are a decoration of the game. In addition, the application can be easily launched not even on the most powerful devices.

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