DEATH DOME for Android

Category: Games
Developer: Glu
Latest Version: 1.0.2 update 4 days ago
System: Android 2.1+
DEATH DOME - It’s hard to even remember old-timers when the "M" virus appeared. Much time has passed since the first man died from a terrible virus. Very quickly, the epidemic spread and killed many people. Residents of large cities died from this virus very quickly, within just a few days, the survivors received terrible mutations. The most dangerous patients were placed in a specially erected dome, which separated them from those who miraculously survived. For a long time, people placed in the dome mutated, and a new race of creatures called hippos appeared as a result. These new inhabitants of the planet possessed enormous power and could single-handedly destroy a whole detachment of armed forces.

The main character of DEATH DOME knows only the name Phoenix, which was given to him at birth, everything else has been erased from his memory. But he has a single goal, to overcome time and space, return to the past and destroy the carriers of the terrible virus, as well as hippos. Then in the city of Palamir a new life must come. Since the history of mankind will be radically changed. In the game DEATH DOME for android battles take place in special arenas, which show traces of previous battles and attempts of scientists to heal people. Players during each confrontation must win using not only hand-to-hand weapons, but also special abilities, block and evasion. Winning players receive experience and gold, which is necessary for the purchase of new weapons and pumping power. Download DEATH DOME on android and destroy evil mutants, get new features and strength, acquire new skills and use special techniques, destroy the world infected with a virus.


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