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Zombie Driver THD - a game demanded by gamers, featuring a captivating and quite funny plot. The reason is that it combines the drive of races and an exciting procedure for the destruction of zombies with the help of the vehicle used, its wheels.

And the crowds of creatures infected with the deadly virus all the time want to cling to the driver with their death grip. And his task is not only to remain intact, but also simultaneously perform various tasks. For example, gamers will have to save people, transport all sorts of important goods, or simply destroy a myriad of dead people infected with the virus.

For the successful implementation of the task, the developers have given the opportunity to use various vehicles. Since they will be the gamer's main weapon throughout the game, and the tasks are different, it is planned to use a numerous fleet: cars, a school bus, trucks, and even a fire engine.

But the list does not end here, since a gamer can get at his disposal an armored troop-carrier and even a tank. That will more effectively deal with the destruction of zombies. All in all, the developers have given the opportunity to use 13 different vehicles, which makes the Zombie Driver story more varied and fascinating.

It doesn’t matter what means the “driver” will use to destroy zombies, since the main the task will be one: crush creatures infected with the virus, wind them on wheels. But it is difficult to do, because the gamer will fall into the very epicenter of the epidemic and there are crowds of zombies.

To increase the chances of the driver to remain intact as long as possible, the developers have provided an opportunity to use firearms. All of it is hung on the used vehicle and makes it an order of magnitude more efficient, and the process of the game is much more exciting and varied.

There are several modes in the Zombie Driver THD, so the gamer will have the opportunity to perform the numerous and quite complex tasks for the time provided by the developers. No less interesting is the second mode, which allows you to compete with other fans of this game. In this case, the task will be the first to reach the finish line.

Zombie Driver THD is an English-language game, but management and other processes are easy to understand, so this should not be considered a disadvantage.

There is the following feature: The presented game is resource intensive. As a result, it will work only on gadgets equipped with Tegra processors of at least the third version and this should be taken into account.

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