EXILES for Android

Category: Games
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Latest Version: 2.51 update 4 days ago
System: Android 4.4+
The developer of EXILES gamers demanded by gamers is the famous studio Crescent Moon Games. Which is not just pleased with great arcades. Players will have to taste and their last development. This is guaranteed by a fascinating story unfolding in an open world, and its dimensions are, without exaggeration, enormous, minimum rules with a large number of possibilities and excellent quality of three-dimensional graphics.

a colony where mining operations are made for earthlings. The population of the planet are only geologists and miners, or rather were. Since for a long time they did not get in touch. And the arrived reconnaissance group of mercenaries, in one of the deep mines, found the corpses of people and immediately they had to fight with numerous alien squads.

Next, gamers will have to make their way back to the surface of Aurora to leave this inhospitable colony. In this case, gamers will need to solve hundreds of puzzles, complete quests, interact with a variety of items. And also have to explore the many unfamiliar locations, to protect their lives in battles with aliens.

The developers have provided players with the opportunity to create their character, which is different in individuality, which will need to be done when you first enter EXILES. You can choose a lot, including the floor, additionally, you can customize the appearance, and taking into account many parameters.

At the final stage of preparation, gamers will have to decide on the class of the character he created. In total, they may be 3, which include an adept, a soldier, a spy. Each of them has its own advantages, weaknesses and is designed to fight a specific strategy that the player needs to take into account even when preparing.

A gamer, regardless of his character’s class, will have a long non-linear exciting, but complex passage that requires use a large number of various objects and, of course, various weapons. And everything you need is in sufficient quantity. In addition, it should be noted all worked out to the last detail the development scheme of the created character.

A player interacts with EXILES on an intuitive level. There will be no questions to physics.

All of the above, as well as a huge number of strong enemies, an impressive variety and many participants, with different levels of training, will surely immerse the gamer in the excellent atmosphere of EXILES.

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