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Latest Version: 1.12 update 4 days ago
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Pixel Z - Gun Day - The project requires completion: AR Gaming developers undoubtedly produce some of the best survival simulators, but each of the ideas presented by them is not finalized to the ideal. They either do not have time to do it, or simply do not consider it necessary. After all, everything is good enough and fascinating. The new game Pixel Z - Gun Day combines bright locations, excellent graphics, atmospheric cities and many dangerous opponents. But some elements still have spaces that spoil the overall picture. Maybe over time everything will be fixed.

Locations and weapons: In the Pixel Z - Gun Day action movie for Android, there are many, high-quality content, exciting gunfights, numerous weapons, but there is no definite goal of the game and the events taking place are not very clear. For example, going to the city for resources you will need not only to feed the hero, but also to heal, because after reaching the final point the player will encounter numerous living corpses, who at any moment arise from the dark and attack, depriving them of health. If you turn away at once for an instant, they will attack you, while the enemy will not be alone.

Variety of Modes: You can complete both single missions by downloading Pixel Z - Gun Day for Android, and multiplayer by teaming up with like-minded people, and also there are cooperative games. All this, of course, provides opportunities for selecting game modes, but does not fully satisfy the needs of players. Since very few targets are provided and there are no enemies who regularly strike from nowhere to strike.

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