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Latest Version: 1.7 update 4 days ago
System: Android +
Asylum Night Shift is a fascinating horror story for mobile phones on Android, in which you can go on a frightening, fascinating and very dangerous journey through a psychiatric hospital. If you want to get the maximum adrenaline rush, then it's best to play in the dark and with headphones.

The plot may seem a bit trivial and similar to the plots from other games, but still: again the guard, who has huge financial problems, so he does not pay enough attention to the fact that this psychiatric hospital has a disgusting reputation, and starts working here. So far, this young man still does not understand what horrors await him in this shift. The guy in his first day will understand how much he was frivolous, and what nonsense he did. The patients of the psychiatric hospital were not happy with the new guard, so they decided to meet him with various surprises. The guard cannot escape, he needs to work for five nights, if he does not, his life will end. As it turned out, patients are not closed in their wards and they can safely move around the institution. The movement of patients can be monitored with video surveillance. But, the trick is that there will always be a shortage of electricity for the maintenance of this system. Because of this, there will be some inconvenience, patients will be able to calmly prepare a trap for the guard, these traps are deadly and should be careful.

The game Asylum Night Shift is interesting and very exciting, it has features:
  • Atmospheric, playing a game, You can fully immerse yourself in the terrifying atmosphere of a psychiatric hospital;
  • Terrible and intense gameplay;
  • < li> Convenient and easy operation;
  • High-quality animation and nice graphics.

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