Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: Maple Media LLC.
Latest Version: 1.1.1 update 4 days ago
System: Android +
The Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro is a continuation of the first part of the same name. This time the toy has been updated, it has become better in some moments, but the essence of the game remains the same - it is necessary to conquer mountains and make spectacular and dizzying stunts. The developers took into account all the wishes of the players: improved graphics, added new equipment and new tracks. Also in the toy appeared a new game mode "Race". The tracks have become more spectacular, dynamic, colorful, the number of springboards has increased, new devices for performing tricks have appeared.

The meaning of the toy Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro is very simple - learn to perform complex, but incredibly beautiful tricks, for which you will get a gaming experience. Gaming experience will be needed in order to discover new heroes and equipment for them, and new game tracks. Immediately before the start of the race you will need to choose a character. It is best to go with him a training course, learn its features, and only then go to the track. Constantly try to earn the maximum game points, to do this you need to try to perform the greatest number of tricks, plus all the tricks are better done the first time, because if you don’t succeed, the hero will fall, for this you will not get experience, so you will also be finely fined and taken away a certain part of the experience.

It is very difficult to pass the race from the first time, but you don’t need to worry, because you can always start the race all over again and get the most points from this route. If you are a master and can do the maximum number of tricks in one race, then it will not be difficult to earn experience. If you are a novice player, you will have to ride the same track several times, trying to earn as much gaming experience as possible. Above the graphics have worked well and it has become at times steeper, the animation is bright and very spectacular. There are several weather conditions. Also the game physics was improved, now the tricks are more realistic.

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