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Developer: nullapp
Latest Version: 20190124 update 4 days ago
System: Android 5.0+
Driving School 3D - Even by its very name, it’s immediately clear what its essence is. Each user will have the opportunity to acquire all driving skills.

It is proposed for the user to use the career mode. You can immediately figure out by the name of the regime what you have to do on it. From the very beginning, you will have to familiarize yourself with the SDA and memorize it. At the same time, the car will be the most simple and homely (in other words, the "bank with bolts"). Slowly, with each stage passed, you will have the opportunity to improve your skills. After that, it will be possible to drive a more advanced car, which is much more difficult to manage.

If you switch to free mode, you will be able to move the car through locations that are radically different from each other - there are only four such locations. This mode means that the user will not have any restrictions. He will be able to ride on your own. By the way, in this mode it is not necessary to follow the rules of road traffic known to everyone, but you can break them.

Not only beginners who are interested in learning all the rules of the road will enjoy the exciting 3D Driving School. movement. With pleasure, real gamers who like to relax while driving all sorts of vehicles will spend time playing this game.

When a user goes, he must not just stop moving in the opposite lane or turn red, but also need to Do not forget to fasten the belt, use the turn signals, adhere to fixed restrictions on the road sections for this purpose, and also include parking lights.

If the user moves along the road, but at the same time, does not follow the rules, then he will be fined. If a player is in career mode, then he definitely won't reach the next level. The user will be able to control passenger cars (7 types), buses (2 types), trucks (2 types). The developers have tried on the game and made it so that the player will be able to see everything not only from the cockpit. But switching, you can play from a third party, which means you can look at the machine from all sides.

On our portal you can download the game to a smartphone that supports the Android operating system. The player has the opportunity to install not only the real version of the proposed game, but also hacked.

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