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Category: Games
Developer: Disney
Latest Version: 1.7.0 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.2+
Age: 3+
Size: 85.73 Mb
The first part of Where’s My Water 2? or Crocodile Swamp liked the users, which is why the developers of Disney Mobile decided to create a second part of this puzzle. The developers promise that the second part will be even better: you are expected to continue the adventures of Swampy 2 and his comrades. Create tunnels, remember the physical properties of water and help the crocodile and his comrades.

Crocodile Swampy 2 - a game in the genre of the puzzle for Android smartphones, in which the player must help the crocodile to hold water in his house so that he can enjoy swimming. Levels are presented in the form of a small area with a variety of valves, pipes, tanks and barriers. It is necessary to pave the way for steam and water through clay, stones and sand, and you need to use devices. Constantly ensure that water does not overflow beyond the permissible level. To open the next location, you need to find all the ducks that are hidden in the clay. Sometimes on some maps, special ducks may appear: Hawaiian duck, Gladiator duck, Astronaut-duckling. These ducks will add you more experience and help you solve some logical problems. If you can not solve any puzzle, you can use the hint.

The developers have completed the game, and introduced a lot of innovations: artifacts, new levels, interesting characters. The graphics and design of the locations were altered, and new, more interesting types of levels were also added. The driving force behind the gameplay is water, it is she who controls the gameplay. Where's my water toy? 2 added three new locations: soap factory, sewage, beach. A certain level can be completed in several ways.

The level can be overcome without collecting ducks, just take part in the "Duck Races". There are missions that go along with a moving camera; your dexterity, reaction and attention will help here. You go into the "Test" mode, here everything will turn over and the water will not flow to the bottom, but upwards. There are levels where you can tap into Swampy's friends: Krank and Ally. These characters have their own chips, for example, Ellie collects steam, but Krenk collects tanks with poison.

Special character receptions and game bonuses - Vantuz, Sorbent, Filling will help to overcome even the most difficult level. The disadvantages of the game include the fact that you can play only with the help of energy, which is replenished only with time or for real money.

The second part of Where’s My Water? got even better. The developers took into account the errors of the first version, all finalized and released an incredibly interesting puzzle.
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