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Developer: Creative Mobile
Latest Version: 1.1.150 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
The presented game Drag Racing 4x4 is a continuation of the first version demanded by gamers 4x4. As the name indicates, it is a classic American race in a straight line, but the sign of "4X4" indicates that you will have to race on all-wheel drive vehicles, and various (SUVs, trucks, pick-up trucks).

A feature of all games related to the series Drag Racing is the absence of three-dimensional graphics. But, to the surprise of many riders, this can not be considered a disadvantage, since the format of the game completely allows using a two-dimensional image. They help to neutralize such a feature with high quality animation and the same graphics. And they quite cope, but still need to recognize that the feeling of "not fresh" product remains.

But with all the other elements there are no problems, so the “racers” will appreciate the excellent interactive interaction. Which helps to easily cope with the management of any of the many SUVs. For example, in the park you can find the popular today Bigfoot Monster (pickup with huge wheels) or the powerful Ford F-150 - the “legend” that has been driving the off-road for decades.

Gamers who love to drive should know that the developer of Drag Racing has provided them with unlimited possibilities for customizing the vehicles used. Therefore, each person will be able to personalize his car by choosing a color, drawings on the hood, installing a “kenguryatnik”, and if necessary, take care of the presence of neon lights or tinted glass.

All of the above indicates that the possibilities of customization are almost limitless, especially seen in the background of most other similar games.

Developers have not forgotten about the upgrade of cars participating in races. As a result, gamers are given the opportunity to perform: a lot of settings, including the exact and replacement of elements of cars, engine. This allows the vehicle to be fast and balanced, to be the first to see the checkered flag. Such a process is fascinating, especially considering that the end result depends on the actions of the gamer. In addition, all settings are realistic, which was appreciated by most racing enthusiasts.

The developer took care of various game modes. Therefore, a gamer will be able to compete with other drag racing fans from around the world. Boss races are available, as elite racers are called. And you can train and just overcoming the distance for a while.

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