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System: Android 4.0+
Mental Hospital 3 is clearly claiming to be the best mobile horror film. Gamers who dared to this experiment will have to deal with exposing the staff of a gloomy psychiatric hospital. The creators of the game made a lot of effort to a terrible journey through the corridors of the institution was accompanied by exciting moments. During the operational raid on poorly lit rooms you will meet with many mysteries. Only from self-control, endurance and logic will depend on how successful will be survival in an insane asylum.


You have to temporarily become a journalist sent to clarify the circumstances of strange experiments. The task received by the player is complicated by the terrible weather, problems with the management of the editorial board and a faulty car. You are late for the hospital, which means you have to deal with the affairs taking place in it exclusively by yourself. Already from the first step along uncomfortable corridors, the player understands his mistake. Now he will have one goal - to get out of the building alive.

Although the plot of Mental Hospital 3 is not something new, the developers of the application have been able to implement it quite successfully. Those hours that you have to spend at the screen of the Android device will surely fly by. The player’s wanderings along the corridors are accompanied by encounters with eerie monsters, one shadow of which causes fear. The complexity of your task is absolutely not exaggerated, because from the walls of the mental hospital could not get any fighter from the special forces unit.

Game Features

Like any other high-quality horror, Mental Hospital 3 will not let the player get bored.
In addition to the unpredictable plot, mobile horror fans will surely appreciate:

  • Graphics implemented at the highest level;
  • Spectacular audio track;
  • Multiple levels;
  • < li> Two options for completion (leading to losing a short and tangled long way);
  • Lack of any weapons and special equipment;
  • Unsatisfactory detailing for mobile platforms;
  • Excellent voice acting of cut scenes;
  • Easy to manage.

In order to fully feel the atmosphere created by the authors, in order to pass Mental Hospital 3, it is necessary to allocate a few free hours in advance. In tight headphones and the included "full" sound, you can get an unreal charge of adrenaline. By the way, do not lose sight of the notes, from time to time appearing in various rooms of the mental hospital. The success of the character will depend on the success of their solving. Launch Mental Hospital 3 and you will be in the middle of a real nightmare.

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