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Developer: FT Games
Latest Version: 1.20 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3+
Zombie Evil - one of those shooters who are guaranteed to give you a few hours of exciting action. As always, on the way to the salvation of mankind are hordes of zombies. Fighting the walking dead will require from you not only an enviable reaction, but also a certain ingenuity.


The goal of the zombies is to capture the last free territories of the planet. The culprit of the apocalypse was Doctor Evil - a scientist who considered the human race unpromising. The dead in turn seize the continents, displacing the remaining people in the most remote corners. Only a handful of brave men decided to resist the evil. They are not afraid of the appearance of the dead, nor their number. The success of the fight against zombies will provide the most powerful weapons, to confront the firepower of which the monster can not. Stop the army of Dr. Evil can. However, this will be extremely difficult.


The gamer will have to try on the ammunition of the surviving hero. Monsters are selected from several sides at the same time, so attention cannot be weakened for a moment. Slide your finger across the display of your gadget in time to destroy the creeping monster. Successfully completed round will replenish your arsenal with a certain number of coins. The more money will be on the user's game account, the better weapons you can get. Fans of tower defense-style games will surely be happy - not only hordes of ordinary monsters will be on their way, but special creatures as well. Zombie Evil involves not only endless shooting, but also a lot of unusual situations.

To protect yourself from the next "party" of monsters, at each level you can take refuge in a small dugout. Selecting the appropriate weapons, you will only water the dead with heavy fire. The size of the arsenal should be clearly written to the asset developers. The only limitation will be only your game balance, because the cost of each shot will be quite significant.

You will be able to see the battle, as if from a balcony - this is how the developers realized the volume of the toy. Two arrows will help you choose the type of weapon you need. They will also be useful to gamers and in the activation of skills.

Game Features

The dynamics of Zombie Evil will definitely not let you relax. Developers offer users to rate:

  • A respectable arsenal (more than 20 types of weapons);
  • Lots of options for updates;
  • 126 levels, supplemented by 3 maps and 21 scenes;
  • Colorful locations and good graphics.

Do not let zombies complete the destruction of the planet. Charge weapons and fight.

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