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Developer: Hutch Games
Latest Version: 1.10.06 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3+
Smash Cops Heat - As a real connoisseur of detective stories with a real exciting chase on cars as a defender of the law, you can’t miss this exciting game, which very realistically conveys all the dangers and enchantment of police patrol work, but also gives you the opportunity to take a direct part in this real action. After all, the entertainment of Smash Cops Heat very interestingly conveys the persecution of the defenders of law and order of the most notorious reckless drivers, who strive by all means to get out of the gripping hands of people in uniform. Such chases on various vehicles look dazzlingly impressive, especially if the splendor of the observation of the actions is enhanced by TV coverage and filming from the turntable. It’s pretty fun to watch the vain efforts of the unfortunate violators of all possible traffic rules, who in vain try to hide from fair punishment, because they still don’t understand that all their attempts are completely futile, and their detention is a solution to the near future.

By In the long run, dressing as a policeman’s uniform, you yourself quietly turn into a real law enforcement officer and take responsibility for cleaning the streets of your hometown from various daredevil drivers who represent cial danger to law-abiding road users. By detaining and arresting djigit violators, you will have to take part in the most direct maneuvers, which are a combination of education and training in orientation of movement in the conditions of municipal (city) situation. Do not forget that the skillful driving of a car can very often be accompanied by a real street battle with shooting and other exchange of courtesies.

Playing Smash Cops Heat also attracts our attention by the fact that Participants have ample opportunity to choose a vehicle, as this allows the police to make a huge range of automotive and other special vehicles available from the police from all European countries. Here you can change the appearance of your iron horses, improve their color, as well as the re-equipment of weapons, which also abound. In addition to all this, the gamer has the ability to modify their personal protection and conduct test training before the main exit on the task. As a result, you can conclude that Smash Cops Heat fully meets all your requirements and deserves to be immediately installed on your device with the Android system.

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