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Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
Latest Version: 2.1.109660 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
The process of the proposed game Lara Croft GO has its interesting points. Before the user's eyes will be located card. It will resemble a limited space. There will be a certain number of fields in the map; there may be both fifteen and thirty of them in it. Fire salamanders, rather aggressive spiders will move along them. At any time, a character can get into cleverly hidden traps that resemble broken plates, circular saws. If you step in the wrong place, the merciless machine instantly deals damage to the character. The main character Lara decided to make a maneuver, and instantly jumps to the side, at the same time, there is a real horror behind her back: a large piece of the underworld suddenly collapses. To the exit, in principle, to go close, just something within reach. But this is the main problem of the main character: to make a step, Lara will have to think about each of her moves. As for the rules of the game, nothing complex is provided for them. All tricks are easy to remember, and there is an opportunity to quickly understand them. Opponents will have the opportunity to attack the cage where the main character is located only under one condition: they must at this moment be turned their eyes only on Lara. If it is simpler to say, in order to defeat and destroy monsters from a pistol, all that needs to be done is to approach from the other side so that they will not see you. But all the same, it is not necessary to lose vigilance and not to approach the opponents for too short a distance, because, albeit belatedly, they can still attack. But you can use another solution: these monsters are not destroyed, but applied for other purposes. If you take, for example, a salamander, then using it, you can click on a specially available button, because the main character will not be able to reach out to her. But this is the only way to turn on the necessary mechanism. Finding how to use gigantic boulders is also possible.

The game also has bonuses, which are given as all sorts of items. You can give an example: the main character can be updated costume, because it is issued only under one condition. When the user is not distracted, this condition will be met. To find such a precious object, you have to look for golden urns. But there is one problem: it will have to try, because to do it is quite difficult.

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