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Latest Version: 1.30.5 update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 7+
Size: 60.12 Mb + 17.35 Mb
Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes - battles of plants and zombies in the card version on Android

The Hearthstone studio has developed its own release of the card version Plants vs Zombies. The player is met all the same epic battles between evil zombies and plant soldiers. However, in Heroes, the player himself will be able to choose the side for which he wants to fight, and each of the factions has its own unique deck of cards that will be replenished during battles with collectible copies.

In fact, in Plants vs Zombies: Heroes the developers successfully combined the tower defense genre and the card game directly in one bottle. That's what fans of the Zombie vs Plants franchise have really appreciated the new project. Characters from both factions here are shown quite nice and innocuous when reviewing the cards, but when they have to fight for survival, the real essence is revealed.

There are about 300 different cards in the toy that the player can get for free or during the violent battles The financial component is not excluded, the cards can be bought for real money. Before each battle, you can collect your own unique team of cards or you can entrust the selection of heroes to the computer. Plant decks and zombies are unique in their own way and even reveal some easter eggs of the original game, so the Heroes game add-on certainly deserves the attention of the Plants vs Zombies gaming community.
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