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Worms HD is an old toy that was very popular on a computer at one time. Now the developers have resumed this toy and made a version for the phones. The creators recreated the atmosphere of those very worms in which they could play for several hours, while adding brighter and more beautiful graphics.

The application has gone all the way to development and cannot be called an intermediate product. Here is all the essentials that the player would like to see after the computer version of the game. In the center of the plot are two hostile worm camps. And now they are fighting each other, the one whose worms will remain on the battlefield will win. Each worm has a certain amount of health, it will decrease if you inflict damage on it. Also, if the worm falls into the water, then it immediately dies. The toy is good because there is a huge arsenal of weapons and only some types of weapons in limited quantities. Each weapon is interesting in its own way, so do not be lazy and learn the characteristics of each type. There are two types of games: multiplayer and single player. And if in single-player mode you can fight with a computer and gradually improve your skills, then in multiplayer you will need to fight against real people.

The control turned out to be a bit more convenient than it was on the computer version. In order to familiarize yourself with the map, you must flip in the right direction. You can zoom in and out, just swipe with two fingers. Your little worm can make a jump, for the implementation of this reception it is only necessary to press a finger on it. To double jump - click on the worm twice. Move the cursor in the desired direction to aim at the target. It's very simple, it will take time and you get comfortable. The graphics in Worms is a bit cartoony, but it gives more special charm. The image itself looks bright, juicy and impressive, even if you have a weak smartphone, then you should not worry, the game is not demanding.

The toy's advantages include:

  • opportunity to build a team;
  • two game modes;
  • Russified version of the game;
  • humor in the game;
  • a large arsenal of weapons;
  • colorful picture.

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