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Dubstep Hero is a game for those who have always dreamed of performing in public. Made in the best traditions of "Guitar Hero", it will help you to break a stormy ovation and feel like a real star!


The player is invited to choose some kind of musical composition and get ready for the start. At the bottom of the screen are the keys of different colors. As soon as the track starts to sound, dots will start to descend along different tracks from above. Your task is simple: you need to press the keys of the corresponding color in the correct order.

The developers have tried to make life as difficult as possible for the players. They not only introduced five lines of motion, which must be followed, but also invented different types of points. For example, when approaching the "tail" options, you need to hold the key at the bottom of the screen for a long time, and in all other cases just pressing it once.


Drawing a game is stylish but simple. Its main elements are bright lines and points. Mandatory addition is the atmospheric background. From the interesting can be noted a variety of special effects that accompany the pressing of specific keys. For each successfully played rhythm, the player receives a noisy promotion from the audience.


The gameplay here is quite complex and requires some training. You often have to use a combination of buttons to achieve the maximum effect. However, the control system is fully adapted for smartphones and tablets. It remains only to download the application and demonstrate manual dexterity, performing intricate compositions in the genre of dub-step.

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