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Latest Version: 2.4.2 update 2 months ago
System: Android +
Zomby Hunter: Survive in the Apocalypse Undead Horde - action game for Android smartphones, where every player will enter the world of the apocalypse and try to survive here. Everywhere there will be crowds of bloodthirsty and hungry zombies who will happily eat you, so beware and destroy them.

This is a kind of survival shooter with a simple plot: the world after the apocalypse, almost all people turned into zombies and only you can stop the spread of this dangerous contagion. It is necessary to understand that there are a lot of dangerous game moments, blood and murders in the game, so it will be difficult for an unprepared person. Adjust the rifle, get ready to shoot, hover the zombie head and destroy it. The player needs to destroy all the zombies in his path, no compassion.

Pick up your weapons, choose your style of battle against these dangerous creatures and start a confrontation. You can play more aggressively or vice versa - slowly and reasonably, it all depends on you. Be prepared for a real war, in which you will have to use everything possible to win in the end.

Be vigilant, zombies can attack from any side, do not let them catch you by surprise. Choose your goal and destroy it. Keep track of the number of bullets, they may end. React as quickly as possible, move and do not let the zombies kill you. Choose the strongest weapons and challenge the bloodthirsty zombies that filled our planet. The world needs a hero capable of dealing with the impending plague.

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