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Category: Games
Developer: Roofdog Games
Latest Version: 3.20.0 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Extreme Road Trip 2 is an interesting arcade and action-based smartphone game for Android, in which each player can take part in a race without brakes. Car driving is full of unforeseen circumstances. And now, imagine that your car has lost its brakes, while you are driving at a crazy speed, now you need to try to drive the track, trying not to run into obstacles. This scenario is scary and frightening, but in this toy everything will be exactly like that.

The player's path is rich and dynamic, uneven tracks that are located in the desert, on the beach, and maybe even in the mountains will constantly meet. The car literally flies, does not stop, the player needs to respond as quickly as possible to the situation, so that an accident does not happen. Along the way, you can meet different bumps and jumps, overtaking them, you can perform different tricks. In the toy, the user will earn experience for the distance that he was able to pass, as well as for various flips and stunts.

Also on the road you can see the coins, they need to be collected in order to later acquire a new car or to pump an existing one. Gasoline may end, but it does not matter, the track is full of gas canisters. So, the race can last for an infinite amount of time, but if you roll over or run out of gas, then the journey will end. Concentrate as much as possible, because it is very problematic to keep the car in constant motion.

If you love extreme driving, then Extreme Road Trip 2 will surely please you. After all, here you can find a fascinating story, sharp turns of the road, colorful graphics.

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