NBA JAM by EA SPORTS for Android

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Latest Version: 04.00.44 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
NBA JAM is an arcade simulator that can please all fans of basketball and sports in general. The essence of the game is simple: the developers have offered gamers to play basketball. And at the highest level, as it is necessary to manage teams consisting of NBA stars. And to oppose the player will be no less famous rivals.

It is interesting that all the characters are copies of real-life famous basketball players. And not only the faces are similar, but also the physique and height, which makes the game more realistic. Total gamers on the way to victory will be able to help 30 athletes. But there is a surprise, which at some point allows to use the services of three more famous, but hidden basketball players. Who can know this only by reaching a certain level.

Since the game presented is an NBA simulator, for more realistic developers have provided the opportunity to play for any of the existing 30 teams of this strongest basketball league. Lovers who enjoy and accurately traced the game form.

For more attractiveness, NBA JAM has been made multi-mode by developers. Therefore, each gamer has the opportunity to choose one of the following modes:

  • fast game - in this case, you just need to select a team, staff it with players and fight with opponent;
  • classic company - the player will have to play with all the other 29 league teams. This is done in order to identify the champion. That is, this is a career mode;
  • online multiplayer is one of the most popular modes among gamers. Since it allows you to play with other real players. It is necessary to remember about the warning of the developers, which says that you can run NBA JAM in this mode only if you have the latest version of this popular game.

You can also use local multiplayer that allows you to play basketball with friends using a local Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth.

It should be noted the simplicity and efficiency of managing this NBA simulator. What contributes to the small composition of each of the teams (the game is played 2x2), which is convenient. To control the actions of your characters is required using only 3 buttons responsible for jumps, feints, and throws.

Increases the attractiveness of NBA JAM high-quality graphics and sound. Moreover, realism adds the fact that the basketball commentator, well-known in the recent past, voiced the game. Therefore, real fans of this dynamic game will be pleased to hear many legendary phrases.


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