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Developer: Foursaken Media
Latest Version: 1.01.06 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.3+
Heroes and Castles 2 - a toy for smartphones on Android, in which RPG are intertwined with full-scale battles and strategy. The game has a large number of brutalized opponents and bloodthirsty rulers of various tribes who will not forgive mistakes on your part. If you believe the stories, then on the one side of the castle live goblins and orcs, and on the other - skeletons. And now, soon the siege of the castle will begin, people will hide in horror in their homes, and brave warriors will rush into a duel.

Playing Heroes and Castles 2 is a role-playing tactical fighter in which the player needs to defend the castle and try to protect its inhabitants. You can carry out your plans in several ways - the game has a well-developed combat system with different evasions and combinations, there are also units that can be summoned from the barracks by spending the money earned. You will be given personal tasks, follow them to earn extra funds. If you need help, you can call for reinforcements.

The application is interesting because every detail has been worked out here. For example, even from the very beginning, the player receives high-quality training with excellent preparation for the siege. In the game, you can pump units and various structures, just remember that your finances are limited and you need to spend them wisely. The game's plot unfolds so that the main character is gradually pumped over and in the future can become a strong magician with the deadly attacks of the skies and powerful spells.

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