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Glory of Generals is rightly considered among the best military strategies. With its help, you are transported to the 40s of the last century, when most states concentrated all their resources on preparing for military actions. Gamers have to test their strength in dozens of companies, each of which is based on a real event. You will lead large-scale operations, plan actions of various types of troops and unravel enemy plans.


The first stage of the project is German aggression on Polish territory, which began in 1939. To be at the next stage, you have to successfully complete the previous mission. In each location, the player will encounter decent resistance, so users with experience will be able to achieve success faster.

The gamer has dozens of weapons used in the fields of World War II. The company you will make the most famous generals, who led the loudest military operations. Since each of the personalities has its own specialization, it will be even more interesting to interact with them. Evaluate your strengths in the management of certain types of troops.


The entire battlefield is located on the game map - both the main actions and the areas associated with them. At your disposal will be both combat units and rear units. If a player fails to provide the troops with everything they need, then it will be incredibly difficult to win in battles. The gamer will have to try on the uniform of the general, that is, to determine the strategy and tactics of the battle.

Your task is to control the movements of subordinate units with maximum efficiency. After selecting one of them, the player will see the vacant points on the terrain. To surround the key position of the enemy, you will need to alternately move all subordinate connections. The opportunity to attack comes at a time when the enemy becomes available for your attack.

For a successful battle, you are entitled to a reward that will help you to get better before the next battle.

Project Glory of Generals < /b> will offer players:

  • 102 first-class generals;
  • 128 units the best military equipment;
  • 37 countries taking part in battles;
  • More than 300 realistic landscapes;
  • 16 army ranks;
  • 4 battlefields and over 35 companies ;
  • 36 types of ma nevrov.

To be a winner in all companies of the strategy, you can not do without composure and endurance. Use all available resources to surprise your opponent with another unconventional move.

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