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Developer: ChillyRoom
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System: Android 4.4+
Heroes and plot: The story continues the storyline of the first episode, the heroes of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Gordon Freeman and Alix Vance begin their adventure in a train that descended from the tracks near the destroyed Citadel. And now the heroes need to deliver secret information to the White Grove. But the train crashed, and they have a long way to go by car. In this case, you can not go everywhere, also to travel on foot. Everything needs to be done quickly, because very soon aliens will attack the Earth through the portal. And only the Gordon can stop the inevitable.

Rules and Objectives: Heroes in the second episode will be able to travel across a fairly large area by car studying it. The changes also affected the shootings, now they are linear and very large-scale, which adds interest and excitement. The number of enemies has also increased, locations and vehicles are more advanced, Gordon does not say a word as before. Of course, the tasks of the Half-Life 2: Episode Two game for android correspond to the genre, it is necessary to defeat enemies, move around the game space, and also perform certain tasks that arise in stages.

Opponents and weapons: Gordon's equipment has not changed much, there is not only a gravush of a cannon, since the Citadel has already been destroyed. But to fight the robots, special guns appeared. Among the enemies are now soldiers, guards, working ant lions, larvae, hunters, ministers of the Alliance and zombies. Start fighting enemies right now by downloading Half-Life 2: Episode Two on Android, and do not miss your chance to become a hero.
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