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Category: Games
Developer: Soviet Games
Latest Version: 1.4 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3.3+
Endless Summer is a graphic novel for smartphones, in which the plot is completely imbued with the notes of summer and all its distinctive features. The famous Russian company - Soviet Games worked on the creation of this toy.

Features of Infinite Summer:

The plot tells about a boy whose name is Semyon, and he has been having the same dream for several days in a row. At first it may seem that the plot is faded and undeveloped, but this is not so - this is only the beginning and the most interesting will be further. Now the main character is in a country where it is very cold and it is winter. At one moment, Semyon fell asleep on the bus, and he had a dream where he was in the middle of a hot and hot summer. Then the guy saw the camp called "Owlet", he did not want to go back, because there it is sad and very cold. Now the hero will try to find out what happened to him, and he will begin to get acquainted with the inhabitants of this mysterious camp.

The toy has an interesting feature - a non-linear plot, that is, everything will depend only on your decision. If you believe the developers, the game can be completed in ten different ways. It takes not so much time, so you can test several finals. Before the player will have a choice - to return to his former way of life, or stay here. And everything will depend only on you. The gameplay is simple, you just need to make text on the screen. At the same time it is necessary to constantly talk with other characters, help them and carry out their assignments. Your every decision will have consequences, so think over your every move. The graphic component is at a high level, yes, there is no animation, but instead we get beautiful images and a quiet, soothing melody.

Pros of the game:

  • The plot depends only on your decisions;
  • More than ten different endings of the game;
  • Beautiful graphic component;
  • Calm and relaxed music.

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