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Latest Version: 1.0.3a update 1 week ago
System: Android +
First Avenger: Another War - On the side of the good, the special strike group Sh.I.T. led by fearless Captain America. And now a specially trained detachment of agents and soldiers will resist evil in all its manifestations. Not one gangster group will stand before the strength and valor of the special unit of the fighters. And if you download the First Avenger: Another war on android then join the army of soldiers defending humanity from danger. At your first combat mission, you will find dangerous criminals, create a plan of action and deprive each enemy of your strength for further dishonest actions.

The First Avenger game is set in motion: Another war on the streets of a city in turmoil and chaos. Everywhere destroyed buildings, burning shops, destroyed cars. After all, not so long ago there were battles here, and then it was not possible to completely destroy the enemies. But now a new hero has appeared among the army soldiers who is able to restore peace and order. During the passage of missions, the player will use the power of his fists, as well as the possibility of a special battle shield. Another hero will be able to throw grenades at the enemy, use a shield, replenish damage. Obtained during the passage of missions money can be used to purchase the missing equipment, which will help in the future to confront the enemy in the battle to maintain order. Fearless and well-armed hero will help the organization Shch.I.T. in the game First Avenger: Another war for android to achieve peace and eliminate thugs.

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