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Latest Version: 1.2.8 update 1 week ago
System: Android +
Mother of Myth is an arcade and action-toy for mobile phones and tablets on Android, in which the player needs to save the planet from the bloodthirsty titans and gods who have made a real war between themselves.

A bloody confrontation began between the titans and the gods - each side is trying to seize power and decide human destinies independently, without listening to anyone. Everything is not limited to words, a real confrontation begins, which only increases in the level of madness. And so it happened that there is no leader in this war, the forces of the opponents are too similar. Right now the world needs a true hero with leadership qualities, able to show pity and compassion, kindness and mercy. The hero must give hope to humanity at this difficult time, when furious battles take place and the fate of humanity is unknown. From the very beginning, the player will need to get out of Elysium - this is the place where dead souls were sharpened, and only after that try to save the world.

Before you begin to complete the training missions in the Mother of Myth application, you must select the type and appearance of your character. Yes, it will not affect the fate of the world in any way, but already in this moment one can see that, with what care the developers have worked the game. The toy is notable for the fact that each mission and task can be completed individually, that is, it is you who will come up with the option of confrontation with the titans and gods, or the method of passing the mission. Everything will depend solely on the strength of your character and your own skills. Meet powerful bosses, defeat them and give hope to humanity.

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