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Killer Bean Unleashed - Arcade platformer and shooter - one of the most interesting genre symbiosis. A mobile game for Android, created in such a combination, will entice you into a virtual universe full of adventurous adventures. Killer Bean Unleashed will teach deftly jump and shoot straight, successfully complete entertaining missions and defeat numerous enemies.

Play the role of a professional killer, the best in the business. In the organization where Bean works, they know about his skill, so the hero has no right to make mistakes. Right now the mercenary needs the help of the players, because by chance, he was in grave danger - they decided to eliminate him. And the insidious obstacles prepared by the leaders of the elite squad, whose tasks the killer successfully performed until recently. Stock up on weapons and help Ben cope with all the clever traps.

On the way you will meet many obstacles in the form of barrels with explosive substances. Use boxes as cover, and select carefully to avoid ambush and fail the mission level.

Platform arcade is the ability to not only move quickly, but also deftly jump and shoot. Use various objects to climb up and kill the enemies, lurking in the shelter. Change weapons depending on the task that is facing Bean. Jumping on the platforms, do not forget that the villains can get you even in the air. Use various items and move around in an accelerated mode, accurately shooting at the target if necessary.

Killer Bean Unleashed is also suitable for beginners who have taken up arms for the first time, and for experienced gamers who masterfully they can shoot in a jump, wait in ambush, catch up and attack with lightning speed. In the hacked game for Android mobile phones, two modes and separate levels for professional fighters are available at once. First go through the campaign, having learned everything in the process, and then survive in a special mode, where the enemies are especially dangerous, insidious and prepared.

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