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Developer: CreDeOne Limited
Latest Version: 1.5.7 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3+
Armored Car HD is a fun racing game from the action series. To the gamer was fun developers have provided an opportunity not just to participate in the ring races, but to do it with a large number of weapons on board. Which is intended to help the rider to come to the finish line first. That is, Armored Car is a race for survival.

In addition to the boring plot, the game is distinguished by high-quality graphics, fairly realistic physics. As a result, it can give the gamer much more positive emotions than he expects.

This is facilitated by the diversity provided by the developers. So the action can occur on the 38 ring tracks. It is possible to use up to 9 cars that make up the game park. Various small arms are used for defense and attack. But, if this is not enough to achieve the goal, then there is the possibility to take on board mines that are allowed to be thrown in front of the attacking enemy and even powerful missiles that hit the competition for sure.

Still, do not forget that other gamers are also free to pump their cars, so you should be ready for anything, as there are only two states in Armored Car HD - the participant can be either the winner or a corpse.

In accordance with the standards, a gamer has the right to earn points, coins and spend them on upgrading an existing vehicle, purchasing weapons. And the possibilities here are serious, in addition, the player will be able to perform numerous engine, suspension, change wheels and so on. All this will help him become the best.

For a greater variety of tasks are provided, the implementation of which gives the right to get advantages over the enemy. For example, if during the race you drive a special tag, then gamers will be provided with a large number of bonuses, which he can spend on upgrading weapons, cars. And, if you drive through the zone marked with the sign “O”, then the speed of movement will significantly increase.

If, nevertheless, the gamer does not have a desire to participate in competitions with shooting, then you can choose the mode of normal races. And the survival races themselves are standard and prosecution, in the latter case, gamers will have to catch up with the opponent.

There is a multi-user mode that allows you to chase online with friends.

Also the advantages provided by Armored Car are the ability to adjust graphics settings and the presence of visual effects. In addition, the game is completely Russified and easy to install, and on almost any device.

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