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Developer: PlayCreek LLC
Latest Version: 1.65 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0+
Death Worm is an exemplary time killer that can enthrall extreme people. Managing a huge and creepy superworm will be an exciting and extremely exciting experience. A monster moving on the ground is almost impossible to stop. Neither the helicopters, nor the combat vehicles, nor the UFOs can cope with the moving monster. Once in the role of a hungry worm, you will devour any target that is on the way.


The powerful jaws of a hungry monster can deal with both living creatures and equipment. Gamers enough to disperse it well under the surface, then to fly a good hundred meters. Even pilots of combat helicopters flying over the ground cannot feel completely safe. Participate in a single company and increase the list of your trophies.

The giant part of the underground monster is a fence of the sharpest teeth. Despite the striking dimensions, the aggressive monster demonstrates amazing mobility and does not stop searching for another victim for a minute. The main pleasure of megakerwak is to satisfy hunger, so people should be as careful as possible.


The first level will be the usual “walk” in the desert area, where you have to hunt for camels and occasionally caught people. The worm for a successful attack should secretly get close to the target and appear abruptly in front of a frightened victim. However, over time, the tricks of the worm bother people - they start chasing him with weapons and modern military equipment. As your worm is constantly moving, controlling its movements will require certain skills. The joystick placed by the creators of the Death Worm in the lower left corner helps to solve this problem. Touch it, and the hungry monster will immediately change direction. Using the options of the main menu, you can select the type of control (left or right hand) and customize the soundtrack. In addition to the desert, your worm will “travel” through the jungle and city streets.

Application Features

Despite the simple game plot, the adrenaline rush to drive a hungry monster is guaranteed.
Application developers have provided:

  • Successfully implemented graphic component;
  • Spectacular voice and excellent music;
  • Over 60 levels, complemented by 3 bonus missions;
  • Excellent gameplay;
  • 4 types of worm;
  • 50 potential enemies of the monster. < /li>

If you have free time, spend it on passing the Death Worm. A few hours of exciting hunting you provided.

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