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Category: Games
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Latest Version: 1.5.1 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3.3+
Shadow Blade is a sought-after and dynamic arcade game made in the popular platformer style. Its essence is that, playing for the brave warrior Kuro, it is necessary to perform various tasks, that is, to overcome all sorts of traps, and their number and intricacy will not let any player get bored. action, as a gamer with his character in a close battle will have to destroy a considerable number of strong enemies. It is also important that battles are varied. But the main thing gamers need to try to keep the character for whom he plays, stay alive, as this will provide an opportunity to move faster on numerous levels and just have fun.

Still need to understand that this application is created more for fans walker, so a significant amount of time will have to jump, run, and fight on the leftover principle.

This is confirmed by the presence of just one button designed to control the character in battle. Nevertheless, it allows you to perform all sorts of combined attacks. In addition, the same button provides the ability to control the gestures of the unit, which makes it possible to get an order of magnitude more pleasure from the Shadow Blade. In addition, the developers can use a number of functions that increase the effectiveness of the character in battle. For example, Kuro, at the request of the player, at any time can become invisible. The duration of this mode is up to 14 seconds. But the most important feature is to increase the power of the attack by 175%, which makes the character indestructible. As the gamers will have to wander most of the time, the developers took care of the presence of a significant number of locations. They are diverse and events will unfold on the territory of cliffs, playgrounds, tunnels, which makes the game more exciting. This also contributes to the presence of a sufficiently large number of levels.

A lot of effort was given by developers to graphics and animations, and as a result, all images are realistic. And Shadow Blade events take place against the backdrop of interesting, clearly traced landscapes, all events are dynamic. The physics of the game is also at an excellent level, there are no bugs, there are no flaws, so the gamer has the opportunity to simply enjoy the game.

Important advantages of the application are ease of control, which allows gamers with different levels of training to rich gameplay.

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