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Do not let the Empire seize the Universe! Join large-scale space battles in the game Star Wars: Rise. Create your own character, type a team of brave heroes - and you can rush into space battles. You will fight alone or team up with friends. Thanks to the corporate battle mode will become even more dynamic and exciting. To defeat the evil of the world, gamers will have to use all their skills.


Star Wars: Uprising is one of the most successful examples of the RPG genre. You will certainly appreciate the well-implemented system of pumping the selected hero. Than in a large number of fights you take part, they will improve their combat skills faster.

Going forward on the application, the player will be able to:

  • Accumulate enough experience to gain access to new levels;
  • Develop new abilities that will make the passage even more exciting;
  • Acquire or receive as a reward new models of weapons and equipment.

Aja to win the matches. Any of the things he used can be improved several times. You will surely like that every object worn by a hero can drastically change his appearance.


After the first screen touches, you will become familiar with the conditions provided for in the game - the need to transport smuggled crystals through the blockade. The next step is to choose your own tactics, and therefore the strategy for the development of subsequent events. Creating a character of your own gamer may prefer to use the well-known, for example, Han Solo.

In real time, you will have to explore uncharted areas of deep space, at the same time forming a universal team of characters. To defeat the Empire, all their skills will be useful. If you decide to take all the responsibility for the fate of the universe on yourself, then the chances of success will increase many times.


The efforts of the creators of the application have already been appreciated by many fans of the genre. You will surely like:

  • The dynamics of hot corporate battles;
  • Understandable and convenient to use the interface;
  • Originality of the gameplay;
  • Features of the editor of heroes and the function of the pumping system characters;
  • The quality of the graphic component and professional voice acting.

Rather, land on the new the planet and proceed to the test. Your ingenuity and courage will certainly be enough to save the universe!

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