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Developer: Supercell
Latest Version: 11.446.24 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 7+
Size: 96.15 Mb
Clash of Clans (Clash of Clans) is a real-time strategy game in which you will need to build your own village in which all members of your brave squad could live in peace when they are not participating in multiple missions proving their loyalty, courage and destroying enemy settlements.

The game was divided into two completely different parts. In the first part, you need to create small facilities, residential buildings, and hire citizens to build a settlement (yes, you have to pay them money), and in the second, you can take part in strategic battles in real time, in which you have to show all your skill and skill.

The game has ten different types of units that you can pump, gaining experience and gold. You will also be able to create all kinds of different defensive structures for your settlement, and this is vital if you want to withstand the attacks of the most dangerous opponents who will sooner or later come for your resources.

The time has come to bring your own clan to victory over the enemies, breaking into this epochal tactical toy. Prior to the development of a furious action, the player will need to create his own village from scratch, then engage in training a hired army and fight with several tens of thousands of users in cooperative mode. The game has a nontrivial plexus of the strategic genre, arcade and fast-paced battles, because of these features, the toy manages to capture the attention of new users from all parts of the planet. To win a lightning victory, you need to carefully calculate each step. Strong magicians, fighters, ancient reptiles and other squires, have very interesting characteristics, and each of them will be very useful in battle.
Each user of Clash of Clans will be required to penetrate into each feature of a certain type of hero, so that the gameplay does not seem too complicated. Know that charismatic goblins are not the final of the history of the clash of clans, and there will be a lot of heroes here as long as your guild is ready to go hiking for new lands. Since its launch on smartphones, the toy has changed dramatically, not only in the gameplay format, but also in the format of visual performance. Before this, the graphic component of the game did not stand out for anything, but now it has become a true trendsetter of the strategy for mobile platforms!

Key features:

  • creating your own village and armed army;
  • gameplay in cooperative mode;
  • merging into friendly coalitions with other players;
  • fighting the goblin ruler;
  • a lot of interesting locations and several classes;
  • various game modes.

It is also worth saying l, that in the project Clash of Clans, you can get game currency through labor, and you can buy it for real money. This can be done in the in-game store. There you can buy for yourself a new type of armor for warriors, purchase equipment, interesting locations, potions, and other interesting things.
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