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Category: Games
Developer: Supercell
Latest Version: 37.125 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Age: 7+
Size: 100 Mb
In the game Boom Beach on Android, you have to fight the most ferocious Forces of Evil. Your attention is an exciting strategy in which you stand on the side of Good. You will need to go to a dangerous reconnaissance on the colorful islands, which not so long ago captured a dangerous group. In the course of this game, you are obliged to conquer the local terrain, rescue the natives enslaved by the local gangsters, as well as explore the local archipelago with all sorts of ways. Boom Beach is currently completely free, but you can buy for real money other items that are not available as usual. You can remove the above function and not use it. The charming archipelago hides a huge amount of danger. There are also jewels here!

Application Features:

  • Explore far and wide across an enormous archipelago in an ocean full of all sorts of dangers and jewels;
  • Play with hundreds of thousands of other gamers. Attack their deployment sites, defend their own bases;
  • Attack Black Guard locations in company mode;
  • Get the super power of old statues and unexplored crystals

As soon as you start to play and learn the basics of the passing game Boom Beach, you have to At the same time there will be a feeling that as if you were transported to Clash of Clans. Only in this version of the strategy all historical moments will unfold during the Second World War, on the territory of the tropical archipelago, lost in the open ocean. In this mysterious place all the time there is a war between the soldiers of the United States and the Nazi occupiers. There will be one single goal for users: to build the most reinforced base in the world before all other players, and to defend the command and control station with all forces. With the complete elimination of this item, you can consider your defense completely destroyed, and the game lost. The secondary buildings in this project will be a variety of structures. For example, diversified resources will be stored in warehouses, and with the help of other buildings it will be possible to produce building materials.

In general, the project provided several types of useful resources for mining: wood and gold currency. With the help of the first material, it will be possible to create new ones, or to reinforce already constructed structures. And with the help of precious currency in the boom of the scourge, you can pump your troops for impeccable defense of the camp. Another important nuance of this project is the absolute absence of various guilds, groups, and other branches of any cooperatives, there is not even a chat in the game. Each individual user pumps only his camp, as he wishes, without waiting for the help of other players. The complexity of the game will increase steadily with each successive level.

For example, lack of time can sometimes become an unpleasant problem. For the construction of any of the available buildings requires not only valuable minerals, but also a lot of time for their construction. The greater the user level, the more time will be spent on the construction or pumping of the required buildings. Understandably, the creators offer a choice of some kind of donat, with the acquisition of which at the user's disposal valuable crystals appear, with which it will be possible to complete the construction in a few seconds. But even without these accessories it will be possible to play, since this kind of accelerators come across almost at every turn. In general, we can say that this project is a full continuation of the previous series. The difference is that in this series the work on the graphic part and the mechanics of the game itself was carried out at a higher level, which can be noticed during the passage.

Pros boom beach:

  • An incredibly large development space with dozens of beautiful islands;
  • The user can not only fight with enemies, but also search for valuable items;
  • Complicated and sly bosses with their plans for your lands;
  • Splitting buildings into different categories.
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