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System: Android +
The genre of puzzle games is very specific. There are times when it seems impossible to solve a puzzle, and the only way out is to break a smartphone. But the situation with a similar nervous tension as a result of the complex process of the game was attempted by the developers of Infinity Games. They created a relaxing puzzle game called “Loop”. In this puzzle, you need to link the threads together, and to succeed you need a lot of perseverance and patience. But the result is worth it.

Starting the game to go through a training mode. To learn everything you need to rotate the loop fragments and thus create an infinity sign. At the end of the first training phase, instructions will be provided for the passage of subsequent levels. The goal of the game is to create closed figures, which can be several.

Tips at the very beginning of the game end and then you need to act independently, focusing on your wit. Around the axis you need to rotate the elements creating a particular shape. There are no instructions, so everything depends on the player. At the same time, it is not known what the finished pattern should look like.

When all elements are matched in the required version, the figure is highlighted and a new stage becomes available. Please note that the number of levels is not limited, so you can play to infinity.

The game "Loop" is not complicated, no titanic effort is required. It is necessary to try all possible options to create the shape that was conceived. The process of forming figures from individual elements relaxes and relieves nervous tension.

Playing you get rid of stress, interestingly spend your free time. Undoubtedly, all puzzle lovers will appreciate the availability of this application, and will find the game quite entertaining. Download the puzzle can be absolutely free on your mobile device with the Android operating system.

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