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People continue to admire and love cats. There are interesting live wallpapers for Android with a cat. With them, you can have a virtual pet in your smartphone. The application has the name Yang The Cat Lite (Cat Yang). After installation, a cat will appear on your desktop that will purr and meow. Do not forget about the animal and pay attention to it. It can sleep, rumble, meow and interact with you, reacting to all your actions. This allows you to influence the behavior and mood of the cat. You can also change your environment. You can choose a snow theme, add fireflies to the screen, everything is available in the settings. You can decorate a cat with various accessories, wear hats, glasses and jewelry on it, it is possible to change eye color and make combinations of various items. Absolutely all the pictures in the program are beautifully hand-drawn, it can be said that the program is hand made. The program has almost no effect on the battery charge, but it is not yet available for tablets.

Even if you are not a cat fan, but just a modest fan of this noble beast, today I gladly offer you a “live” cat wallpaper for android - virtual pet "purr" in your phone. The app is Yang the Cat, simply Cat Yang. Do not be surprised if, after installing the application, the desktop will emit a favorite cat's purr and rumble. Do not forget about it. Any pet needs a caress and attention. A cat, albeit a virtual one, is able to smooth the situation and relieve the tension. Check for yourself.

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