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Latest Version: 3.21.0 update 4 months ago
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Curiosity is a cognitive toy for Android mobile phones, which is located in the Education category. Smart people from around the world say it's never too late to learn. And these people can be trusted. The application has already gathered around itself millions of users who are eager to gain new knowledge. With this game, each person will be able to find out a lot of interesting things about our world, its sights and features. So, why don't you start to learn something new about our world right now?

The application contains a large number of informative articles that can inspire everyone. This material must be used, the more you need to do a couple of clicks. To explore the world, you only need to download the game to your device.

Articles were carefully selected and only the best materials were added to the game, which are easy to read and quickly remembered. There are about 5 thousand interesting and fascinating articles here, but the main color of the toy is video. Their number is really large, there are more than a million videos in total and they are all on different subjects.

If you liked an article, write a note to thank the author of the article. It will not be difficult for you, but the author will be pleased. And if you really liked some material, you can add it to your favorites in your account.

Application developers are constantly updating Curiosity, here they are constantly adding new, more interesting material that will precisely expand your horizons. And if you have a talent for writing articles or recording informative videos, then send them to the administrators, be sure to publish all the good material.

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