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Category: Games
Developer: SIA Fufla
Latest Version: 1.17.0 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.2+
Age: 7+
Size: 94 Mb
Grab the world using bacteria after you download the Android Bacterial Takeover - clicker game to your device with the operating system. In the appendix, you will take on the role of a professor who does a very strange job. Namely, you will create different types and forms of live bacteria. At the same time, the number of bacteria can be limitless, and if there are too many of them, they will try to capture the cities first, and then the entire planet. And this will not be enough for bacteria, because there are other planets in the universe that they can enslave. Bacteria have such a powerful force that it is almost impossible to protect themselves from them, even using innovative methods and techniques. All the planets in the galaxy are under threat if bacteria act in large numbers. Millions of different bacteria that have tremendous power that no one can resist can work for an insane professor.

By installing Bacterial Takeover - clicker on your android device, you will create a huge colony of bacteria that will easily take over the whole world. At the same time you have the opportunity to make improvements, improving bacteria, making them more powerful and invincible. The mad professor uses all possible methods to take possession of the universe, including the system of evolution. There is not a single living organism in the galaxy that could resist bacteria, especially in large numbers. Get incredible pleasure from the gameplay and conquer the world. The player will feel himself in the role of this villain, able to conquer not only our planet, but everyone else in the solar system. And in order to implement all his insidious plans, an insane professor will develop new technologies, namely, he is working on the invention of new biological weapons. It is also worth carefully studying the planets that you intend to capture. From bacteria, you can create these biological robots, and this is truly an exciting process. Using black holes penetrate into other solar systems, where conquer previously unknown planets. Be interested in creating new forms of mutations, more advanced. Control the evolutionary chain and subdue the genes. Get the crystals and find out all the secrets of dark matter. And this is not all interesting facts that will be available during an exciting gameplay.
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