Angry Gran Run for Android

MOD Money/Unlocked
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Category: Games
Developer: Ace Viral
Latest Version: 1.78.0 update 6 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 7+
Size: 37.9 Mb
Angry Gran Run is a fun game in the Runner genre. In the role of the main character, we see an evil old woman, who specials. agents were locked up to clarify the circumstances, and which was able to escape from them. You need to help the granny in all possible ways not to get caught in their eyes so that she will not be taken away again. To do this, direct its movement through the streets of the city and let's collect gold coins on the go. Watch out for dangerous cars, pits, obstacles, etc. Do everything so that her escape is not in vain. Run, granny, run!
The game will have useful bonuses that can be used at any good time. You can also open them for money, but instead of the standard version you can always download the hacked Angry Gran Run if you do not want to spend your hard-earned money. The mod clearly facilitates the entire gameplay, makes the game more simple and versatile. Also, bonuses will be encountered on the way of the heroes during the race itself. Bonuses will be standard for this game genre. It can be acceleration, insensitivity to the coming obstacles and a money magnet, which will collect all the money for you during its operation. Management of the grandmother happens with the swipe. When turning, swipe in the same direction, if your grandmother needs to slip under any railing, make a vertical swipe to make the jump, just slide your finger up. If your smartphone has a gyroscope, then you can control the trajectory of the tilt of the smartphone on different sides. In general, this is an amazing timekiller, which focuses on the fact that the gameplay can relax from the impending problems. The game combines juicy cartoon graphics and dynamic music. The external background of Engri's gran wounds is somewhat monotonous, mostly it will be a city inhabited by people, cars and exotic creatures.

In this version of the game Angry Gran Run, programmers have prepared a real “wardrobe” of skins for all game lovers, in which you can put your ward on. Also for game currency, you can easily purchase a unique hero for yourself: a zombie, a barbarian or a big bear. Understandably, apart from a non-standard appearance, the characters will not differ much in any way, but the new skin will be able to change the character of the passage. The streets are full of the most difficult obstacles, road fences, hollows, unsuccessfully parked cars, big fish, dangerous taxi drivers who have fallen on the road for an unknown reason, will fly by. All this will have to be overcome with the use of control, which has already become standard for this genre, you will have to move around with the help of an accelerometer, and you will have to overcome difficult turns and avoid obstacles with the help of sliding pitch in the right direction. Issued points will depend not only on the distance, but also on the accumulated money, your success rate at each step of the path is displayed in the form of a scale on the left side of the display.
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