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Latest Version: 2.26.1 update 2 months ago
System: Android +
Joom (Jum) is a mobile application that allows you to make purchases on the Internet at low prices. The system algorithm automatically selects the best products for the buyer according to his requests. Jum will protect buyers from fraudsters and provides one of the safest sites for online shopping.

Almost all suppliers of goods on Joom are from China. All of them have their own reputation on the site and you can easily check the reviews of each seller. The administration of the service provides for reimbursement for the loss of parcels and other possible force majeurs, including those associated with an error on the part of the sellers. All products are sorted into categories, so finding what you need is not difficult. Moreover - there is a smart search string that remembers all the preferences of customers and makes up personally for each interesting offers with discounts and promotions for the product of interest. The main menu is decorated quite minimalist and stylish: in the horizontal list are the categories of goods, as in any online market. Just find the product you need, add it to the cart and pay at a convenient time, and then wait for the courier with the package.

It’s enough to register with Joom - just log in through one of the social services. networks or via Google account tied to the device. A personal account of the buyer is created in which you can view your current orders, purchase history and you can also save the settings of the country and the currency that is convenient for payment, so that they are activated automatically every time you log in. One of the main advantages of Joom over other trading platforms at the international level is the presence of Russian-speaking sellers. Users from the CIS countries will no longer have to talk to the seller in the clumsy language of the translator.

Joom became popular due to the presence of products that are not even on Aliexpress. At the same time, their prices are much lower than the market average, and the quality of performance is top notch. Quality China has already come close to expensive branded products. Jum is one of the best services for online shopping with pleasure!

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