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BlaBlaCar is an application for Android, with which drivers can earn money, and people without a car can save money on a trip from one city to another. In fact, this is a technologically advanced and very cheap taxi replacement.

How does the application work for users

Looks for drivers who regularly or periodically move from city to city to earn money, just register as such and then post their offer. This is not unlike the publication of a regular ad, for example, on Avito. This offer should contain such information as: point and time of departure, brand of car, place of arrival and cost of travel. After sending the offer, it becomes available to all users of the application in the city.

Those who want to get to another city, in turn, must specify the point of departure through the application (if geolocation is enabled, this is not required) and destination. After that, a list of drivers who plan to go in the selected direction. Of them, you can choose the offer that is best suited for cost, place of departure, etc.

Then you can immediately contact the driver through the internal application messenger. The money for the trip is written off from the attached card at the end of the trip.

BlaBlaCar Rating System

It is clear that you don’t feel like going with anyhow. Therefore, in BlaBlaCar made rating system. Those who have already traveled with a certain driver, after the trip leave him feedback and stars. Based on this, you can determine how well a car is in good condition, how well a person drives, how polite they are with their passengers, etc.

How much does a BlaBlaCar ride cost?

Use BlaBlaCar really beneficial. As a rule, the cost of a trip with a driver offering their services through this application is 1.5-2 times lower than the price of a ticket for a bus that goes along the same route. If you compare with a taxi, the profit is 500-800%. So, a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg costs only about 800 rubles. Of course, prices can be both higher and lower. As a rule, it depends on the driver's rating, brand and condition of his car. Some, it should be noted, carry almost free of charge, just to pass the time on the road for a conversation.

BlaBlaCar is what allows you to quickly get to the desired city with minimal expenses. Plus, the fact that this application is completely free.

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