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Developer: TED Conferences LLC
Latest Version: 4.4.1 update 4 months ago
System: Android 5.0+
TED is a modern program designed to view all kinds of conferences from all over the world. This application will help you to replenish the luggage of your own knowledge, making you more erudite. Choose files that match your tastes and preferences and discover the world of new knowledge.

Videoconferences of this kind are organized annually. On them, anyone can voice their opinions and ideas about the issue of interest. 18 minutes are given for the performance of any speaker. The conference developers are sure that this time is quite enough for delivering their ideas to the masses, and at the same time it is not enough to be tired of listening to the listeners. The TED program provides for the ability to view the conference online. In addition, you can download an expert meeting on your gadget and familiarize yourself with it at any convenient time. Videos will be stored on your device, waiting for their time.

A total of over 2,000 videos on various topics are provided. Among them: art, psychology, science, politics, sports, etc. The user will be able to better know the sphere of knowledge that interests him most. Listen to the words of experts, have your personal opinion and discover a sea of ​​fresh information.

Each conference is necessarily supplemented with subtitles, as the speeches are held in different languages. Viewing such videos allows you to improve your knowledge in the field of foreign languages. It is enough to choose the topic of the report in the appropriate language and begin to learn to perceive the text by ear, periodically using prompts as subtitles. This contributes to significant time savings, since there is no need to re-search the video in the common database each time. The program allows you to create a personal playlist, depending on the history of views and tastes.

It is also allowed to select videos by yourself. The main menu provides sorted lists on various topics. Here you can choose a humorous, scientific, informative and other videos. After selecting the desired category, a list of videos on the set parameters will open.

Let's say not only the gadget shows are viewed, but also their performances are sent to a home theater that runs on Android. Download TED to your device, and you will significantly improve your knowledge in many vital industries.

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