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The developers of Duolingo were guided by the statement of experienced linguists that knowing at least one foreign language a person can easily learn subsequent ones. For example, good knowledge in English will make it easy to learn French or Spanish, and learning subsequent languages ​​will be given even more easily.

Duolingo is a program that allows you to learn English and the most popular European languages, provided that the user already knows one of them. On your tablet or smartphone, you can take lessons in any free time, in contrast to training with a specialist.

The learning process itself involves the study of various topics conveniently distributed among the lessons. So from the very basics a student can independently reach the most complex speech constructions. Each lesson includes several exercises that allow you to learn new words, their spelling, pronunciation, etc. The entire training material is presented in colorful graphics, text accompaniment, audio recordings that allow you to work out the audition well. You can go to the next lesson only by successfully completing the previous one, after passing special testing for the correctness of which are awarded awards and points.

Duolingo can rightfully be considered the best software for free learning of foreign languages, provided original knowledge of one of them. All studied material will be available at any time from any Android device. The lessons are short but informative, while the presentation of the material will be understandable to people of any age, especially children.

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