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Developer: DuckDuckGo
Latest Version: 5.27.0 update 1 month ago
System: Android 5.0+
DuckDuckGo Private Browser is a snoop-proof web browser created by the developers of the DuckDuckGo search engine. Its main feature is the availability of tools to increase confidentiality when you are online. This browser can be said to be the opposite of Google Chrome and other similar commercial products, through which maximum information about users is collected.

The application supports all modern web technologies, which means it allows you to comfortably use the Internet on your smartphone /tablet. But the main thing is that it implements a functional that prevents the leakage of confidential data. This is ensured by the constant work of the mechanisms that control the sending of certain information to remote servers.

When using the DuckDuckGo Private Browser, you can completely forget about a whole series of unpleasant things that lie in the web. Namely:
  • shadowing through advertising trackers (now on very many large and small sites there are scripts that analyze almost all user steps - where they point the mouse, like way they scroll the page, etc.);
  • transfer data via open protocols (the browser always tries to reach the resource via https first, and if the site owner does not provide connectivity using this protocol, the program warns the user about it);
  • being spied upon during the search, since DuckDuckGo is installed as the default search engine in the program. It, in contrast to Google and other search engines, does not collect information about its users, but at the same time provides a sufficiently high quality search output for the queries it performs.

Use the considered The browser is very simple. It has built-in auto-defining security policy. It monitors the reliability of various resources, as a result, assigns them a suitable rating and disables a number of functionalities on them, which can reduce privacy.

Also during the DuckDuckGo search, the user can see the privacy rating, where A is the highest and F - the lowest. It is assigned automatically, based on: support for encryption, the presence of trackers, etc. If you open additional information about the site, you can see exactly who tried to carry out surveillance. As a rule, there is a list of almost a dozen different companies.

There is also a Fire button in the browser. By pressing it, the entire history of visits is deleted, including: open tabs, cookies, data stored in the local storage, etc.

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