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Developer: Lingvist Technologies OÜ
Latest Version: 2.36.11 update 5 months ago
System: Android 5.0+
Lingvist is an application that offers effective methods for learning English and French. The developers were repelled by the fact that most people simply do not have much time to spend hours of their free time learning, so it is being carried out at an accelerated pace. Artificial intelligence will determine your level of proficiency in the language and select the optimal program.

What are the main features of the application you can highlight?

  • You learn only important words that may be useful to you at the household level and in business communication;
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  • Phonetic associations are used to quickly memorize basic concepts;
  • The algorithm analyzes the user's results and automatically decides on what you should pay special attention to;
  • The developers took into account all modern language learning techniques.

Applications suitable for anyone . Even for those who absolutely do not know English or French. At the first stage, you will learn the basic words and turns that are used in everyday speech. If your level is medium, then special emphasis will be placed on grammar. For advanced linguists, there are also interesting nuances. The system adapts to a specific student.

Also, this program is completely devoid of any gaming component. This is a serious tool that is designed to effectively learn a language. Very well done system of statistics. You can track the number of correct and incorrect answers, trying to ensure that errors eventually become less and less.

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