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Latest Version: 7.40 update 4 weeks ago
System: Android +
Fortnite is a mobile version of the same game from a PC on the Unreal Engine4, with an identical arsenal of weapons, the same graphics and popularity.

All controls are adjusted to the touch screen, and some actions are completely automated (collecting items, open doors, etc.) to make the management process less difficult.

The user interface has only one additional button for building, otherwise it’s the same Fortnite. The principle of the game is the same: players land in a convenient location on the map, quickly look for weapons, cans with protective fluid (similar to body armor), resources for construction, and shoot 99 other players. The weapon is completely identical, it even has a different color as in the PC version, which in varying degrees indicates its power and rarity.

Among a small number of really popular games with a similar genre of battle, when 100 people parachute on a huge map and they make a mess on it, Fortnite is really the most popular. Largely due to the grandiose plans of developers in the organization of cross-platform games. Therefore, in the near future, players on Adroid will be able to fight with PCs, IOS players and console gamers on the same battlefield, which was not previously implemented in almost any multiplayer game mode.

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