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Developer: Flaring App
Latest Version: 2.6.0 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.2+
The School application will be first appreciated by those students who are not accustomed to bothering themselves with memorizing learning-related information. We can talk about homework and the names of school teachers, the current schedule of lessons and even difficult to memorize trigonometric functions. School will be an excellent alternative to the usual diary, the filling of which requires increased accuracy and time. The schedule entered into the application will look immaculately.


The main advantage of a small utility is its versatility. Although the main purpose of the School is to correctly display the school timetable, the application successfully solves a much larger number of tasks related to the educational process. Any number of lessons can be entered into the extensive electronic database by filling them with the whole week. It is also suitable for taking into account extracurricular activities (circles, sections, etc.). Thanks to the standard schedule of calls, the student will know exactly how much time he has left to spend at the desk. With its installation, problems will disappear and with the need to memorize office numbers.

The electronic schedule will definitely not interfere with parents. After installing it on your gadget, they will know for sure in which lessons their child is now, and what he needs to prepare for tomorrow. From this point on, the problems with the preparation of a school backpack for the next day will surely be a thing of the past. Within a couple of minutes, parents will be able to monitor the degree of readiness of their child for the next school day.

School will allow the student to cope with the task of properly allocating time, which means it will help to achieve success in learning. Searches for information once entered into the application will not take a lot of time from the user. After opening it, just a touch of the screen will be enough to play the necessary data. Effective time control is facilitated by setting the built-in timer. The search time for the required book will also be significantly reduced, because the entire educational literature can now be entered into a special section of the application.


Among the features of this program it is worth highlighting: an interface that provides ease of use;
  • Highly informative;
  • A small amount of memory required for installation and operation of the utility;
  • The minimum amount of resources consumed.

  • As for elementary school student so for pre rehearse student School is not exactly become superfluous. Its use will relieve the user from having to memorize a variety of current information.

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