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SkyView® Free will be a guide to any interested person on celestial objects. That is, today it is no longer necessary to be an astronomer and to have special, and expensive equipment, in order to find an interested planet in our solar system, a more distant star, or even a whole constellation. In addition, users of this popular application will have even greater opportunities than the owners of telescopes. For example, SkyView identifies all sorts of objects without any human intervention. For what purpose, the camera of a smartphone, tablet is enough just to point to the sky, and then touch the touch screen to point to the desired object.

It is also interesting that the program determines not only the stars, galaxies, but also man-made objects, which are space objects. devices. These include such well-known ones as MKS, Hubble.

The only condition for the application to work is that objects that are interesting to a person should be in the field of view of the camera.

Enhances the SkyView® Free appeal and rich additional functionality. So anyone can not just find out the name of a remarkable celestial body, but also get acquainted with its description from Wikipedia, from which the space lover learns a lot of cognitive. For example, what is the distance to the ground. In addition, there is always the opportunity to get acquainted with the exact position of the selected star or satellite on any date, no matter where it is located: in the past, in the future.

It is allowed to study the sky at any time of the day, which expands the functionality. For better visual perception filters of different colors (green, red) are provided.

An important advantage of the application is a spectacular interface, colorful images of planets, stars.

The program has its own database, as a result of connecting to Wi-Fi is not required. And there is also no need for GPS signals.

The creators of SkyView say that this application is an excellent and intuitive way of learning the secrets of the Universe and judging by its relevance, this is exactly the case. Therefore, it is recommended to use the program not only at home, but also while traveling, hikes, during the flight and in other similar situations.

Saved images of celestial objects can be immediately placed on social networks or sent to friends. If SkyView becomes a man indispensable, then you should be aware that it can be used with Space Navigator binoculars, a number of digital telescopes, which further expands the possibilities for studying planets.

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